September 25, 2022


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Proposed Venice land rules still stir questions on building heights

The Johnson Schoolcraft Building, left, built in 1926, is just west of a building that was built in 1925, as seen in October, 2018, during the Venice Beautification Project. Because the Johnson Schoolcraft building is on the city’s historic register, changes are governed by the Historic Preservation Board. Changes to the 1925 structure would come under the purview of the Architectural Review Board. Under changes currently proposed for city land development regulations, both advisory boards would  be combined.

VENICE – Additional than four decades back, in February 2018, the Venice organizing department and expert Kimley-Horn started out an ambitious rewrite of the city’s land enhancement policies for the initial time because the 1970s.

It was supposed to choose about two years.

As opposed to the 2017 rewrite of the very long-variety growth plan, which showcased numerous general public conferences that the guide utilized to form the system, community enter on the more technical improvement polices was intended to arrive later.

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Though the community was welcome to weigh in on facets of the doc at standard meetings of the Venice Planning Fee and through e-mail, most of the current comments have appear during a joint meeting with the City Council in February, and a council discussion on Could 24. That meeting underscored a increasing rift concerning Mayor Ron Feinsod and the six other council users around both of those the direction of the rewrite and the overall course of action.

Venice Mayor Ron Feinsod called a Monday workshop for city residents to weigh in on the new land development regulations. Though work on the new codes started in February 2018, he said he felt the process is being rushed and the planning commission is not listening to city residents as it crafts the document.

Displeased with the stage of public remark, Feinsod approached Metropolis Supervisor Ed Lavallee about scheduling a general public workshop at 5 p.m. Monday in Venice Metropolis Hall, 401 W. Venice Ave., for folks to express their wants on how the town should grow.

The three biggest flash details revolve all-around peak, historical past, and the volume of commercial properties in a prepared unit growth.

The initial two troubles relate right to the town of Venice developed by iconic planner John Nolen back again in the 1920s, whilst the 3rd is pretty much a far more recent enhancement, expanding out of the risk of a grocery store becoming situated at the intersection of Jacaranda Boulevard and Laurel Street.