June 15, 2024


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Game Changer Chairs That’s Just Right for Your WFH Set-Up

The majority of working adults strive to balance work and life activities but they always end up prioritizing one over the other. The lines are now more confusing because of the implementation of the work from home set up which was the only way that business owners thought of to continue business operations amidst the pandemic. You probably thought that you would have more time for yourself and your family since you no longer have to commute and go to the office daily. But what you did not know is that you would have a hard time determining which time is for relaxation and unwinding which are those that you would allocate work.  

Having a conducive working environment in the comfort of your own home can help you accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently. When this happens, you will have more time for yourself. One of the many ways to achieve this is by having home office chairs with features that are right for the WFH setup. Take a look at the most stylish and ergonomic upholstered chairs that you can purchase in the market today.

  1. Office Hippo Mesh-Back Swivel Chair

A lot of working adults hesitate to buy office chairs that they can use during the work from the home arrangement because they are not willing and able to spend a huge sum of money. But there are a range of chairs in the market today that are decent enough yet do not require you to spend a lot just like the Office Hippo Mesh-back swivel chair. It is one of the most affordable upholstered chairs that can help you achieve a comfortable working space in your house. You can purchase it for as low as $59.99 but you would be surprised to know that it has a mesh back which means that it allows continuous airflow whenever you are working. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing upholstered chair but it is worth buying given its low price tag.

  1. Kallevig office chair

The Kallevig office chair is one of the most elegant upholstered chairs available in the market. The manufacturer understands the need for great furniture where you can sit in while you are accomplishing your work-related tasks but it also knows that you will be looking at it whenever you rest. Hence, it considers the aesthetic appeal of the chair that will serve as your motivation to strive harder. You can choose from a variety of colors including black, brown, and white and each of them is made from die-cast aluminum and leather materials which make them durable and easy to clean. You can tilt the back and adjust the seat height whenever you want to. It is one of the best upholstered chairs because it gives you many options in terms of backrest types including high, medium, and soft padded. Take note that they have varying price tags so choose the one that is within your budget.

  1.  Secretlab Omega 2020

The Secretlab Omega 2020 is one of the most robust and sporty-looking upholstered chairs. It is larger than the upholstered chairs mentioned above so you first need to determine if it can fit in your home office. Once your guests see this chair, they will instantly assume that you have a strong personality because of its designs and features.  It is one of the very few upholstered chairs that is made out of complete leather materials allowing it to withstand extreme conditions. Aside from that, you can also consider it as a vanity piece because it exudes elegance and class. In terms of construction, it is very sturdy and features adjustable seats and armrests so that you can find the best angle that fits your height and position. It can provide both support and comfort that you can rarely experience from other upholstered chairs. 

In a Nutshell

The work-from-home setup might seem great at first but you would face discomforts and inconveniences in the long run which will greatly reduce your productivity. Having ergonomic office chairs can make a great difference as they help improve your physical health allowing you to have a more comfortable working space. The list above are some of the best options and they come at different price points.