July 12, 2024


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Flight Attendants Reveal The Most Annoying Things That Passengers Do

Flight Attendants Reveal The Most Annoying Things That Passengers Do

Being seated next to someone on an airplane who hogs the armrest is annoying, but it’s not as bad as having to deal with such airline passengers every day for work.

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Earlier this month, flight attendants shared the most annoying things that travelers do. In a Twitter thread from the account @twoguysonaplane, they asked: “Flight attendants, what’s your biggest pet peeve on the airplane? We’ll start: passengers wearing noise-cancelling headphones and yelling ‘what’ when you try to speak to them.”

The post then received a number of responses, all of which you may want to take note of for the next time you hop on a plane.

There’s a lot about luggage and storage, for example: “Putting backpacks in overhead bins when we specifically tell people it’s a shared space and intended for the big suitcases and to put them under the seat in front of them,” said one user.

Of course, there’s always going to be lavatory issues, especially when people “throw diapers, liquid soap bottle, wedding rings and cell phones in the toilet,” said another attendant.  “I’ve had to pull all kinds of stuff out of there.”

Noise is a common pet peeve among the crew and passengers. A comment reads, “How about people who just don’t even wear headphones and play their videos, music, video games, kids movies for all of us to hear?”

Then there are those who get too comfy on a flight. “When people take their shoes off and all in the aisle,” added another user.

Here are some other ones you should remember not to do, so your flight will be pleasant for all:

“Switching seats without asking (when it’s assigned seating). Just ask, guys.”

“If you see me coming by the drink cart and you proceed to keep your headphones on and not take them off when I’m talking to you, I’m skipping you. It’s rude, take them off or turn them off. Thanks.”

“Touching me with their trash as I pass through the cabin.”

And our favorite entry: “Galley yoga. I absolutely hate it when people mistake our kitchen for a yoga studio,” said an attendant. “I once came back to the galley mid-service to find a woman doing a headstand. Uh, no… we work in here, thank you.”