September 22, 2023


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Common Myths related to Infection & Cleaning for Coronavirus


It was the year 2019 when we first heard the name Coronavirus & to this date, it has not been even a single day when the virus is not attacking the human body. In the year 2020, WHO declared the situation a pandemic as it rapidly spread around the globe destroying millions of precious lives. Along with the virus, what traveled faster was the myths that led to fear among people and made them do anything to save their life. They easily believed in whatever others were suggesting as no one had any idea about what it was. We have had different things to say about this virus attack & people tried everything to protect and save their life. 

So, here are some common myths that were related to the spread of infection and coronavirus cleaning services

Hot Weather can kill the virus!

This is one of the most common myths that people believed in because nobody had any idea of what this virus was, so all they had was the belief that when the temperature rises, this virus will get killed. So, whether you live in a place with a cold climate or hot flashes, the virus is too strong to attack you anywhere irrespective of the temperature outside. Climate is not going to help you save. 

Taking Alcohol will cure the Covid-19 infection!

Drinking too much can kill you as it adversely affects your body. Consumption of alcohol daily can cause liver failure and other chronic health problems. So, there is no chance that it could kill the virus. All it can do is increase the risk of heart diseases, strokes, and behavioral issues. It’s better that you keep this thing in your mind now and never believe in such things.

Taking a Hot water Bath will kill the infection!

Do you think that it’s so easy and possible to kill the covid-19 virus with a hot water bath? And even if you have a slight thought in your mind, how is it possible when the actual situation is that the virus enters inside the body and attacks our respiratory system. You cannot drink hot water and kill the virus inside. So, before you’re listening to these myths & believing in them, double-check them and be sure about what you believe. There should be no place for myths. 

Spraying sanitizer everywhere will protect our bodies from virus attacks!

Sanitizers clean your hand and kill the bacteria if you are exposed to the virus but, once the virus reaches inside your body, there is no way that a sanitizer can help you. You cannot consume sanitizer to kill the virus. So whether you spray it on your body or your clothes, nothing is going to happen to the virus that has activated itself inside. 

We can use antibiotics to kill the virus that has attacked our body!

Antibiotics are useful when you are suffering from any kind of infection. These kill the bacteria that cause the infection but when it comes to the Covid-19 virus, antibiotics can do nothing. These are not effective on such deadly viruses. Even your doctor will never advise you to take antibiotics if you are infected by this virus. 

Some special drugs can prevent as well as cure the virus!

Well, to your information, no such invention has been done by scientists and medical professionals. There is no medicine available that can cure the virus completely and prevent it from spreading inside our bodies. It all depends on the person’s immune system and how strong it is to fight against the virus. No external medicine is going to help at any point. 

Don’t take mineral and vitamin supplements during the infection 

We all know that to boost our immune system, we need vitamins and minerals that can help us stay strong during our fight against the Covid-19 virus attack. These include vitamin C, D, A, zinc, and other essential micronutrients that promote good health and nutritional well-being. So, you can take these in tablet form or supplements that can provide you with the required amount of nutrients & improve your strength. 

Dexamethasone should be given to everyone to stay safe from infection!

Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid that has immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory properties but it should only be given to patients who need it most and not to everyone who tests positive for the infection. There is no use for this medicine for people who have mild symptoms and can recover on their own. It should be kept reserved for the people who are in a serious situation and need complete oxygen support to breathe.    


Hence, you can see how easily people believe in every myth that spreads much faster than the virus itself. It is important to collect all the necessary details related to the virus attack and know all the do’s and don’ts before things turn worse. We don’t have to fall easy prey to mischief-mongers & follow all the guidelines that are issued by the concerned authorities like WHO. These authorities keep updating the guidelines to help people stay safe from the virus.