May 18, 2024


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Bad Credit Mortgage Tides Over A Poor Credit History

Applying for a mortgage or a home loan is fraught with difficulties. You need to have a good credit history if you want your loan application process to be completed smoothly. But, for those with a bad credit history, don’t dash your hopes just yet. The rise of such cases has seen the emergence of a whole new market catering to the needs of people with adverse credit histories. A bad credit mortgage will help you get all the benefits of other types of mortgages even if you have a not-so-perfect credit history.

Before going for a bad credit mortgage, you must identify your credit history. It is best that you get a tri-merged credit report, in addition to your credit scores. These scores determine an individual’s credit worthiness. Generally, a bad credit history is any credit score, which is less than 620. If you have an adverse credit history, you must go for bad credit mortgage. A bad credit mortgage is tailor made for those who have a poor credit history and is also known by other names like adverse credit mortgage, sub-prime credit mortgage, non-standard mortgage, poor credit mortgage, and credit-impaired mortgage.

The factors that contribute to an unfavorable credit history can be many but the more prominent amongst them are rent arrears, judgments doled out at county courts, bankruptcy, I.V.A, trust deeds, and in some countries various decrees also contribute to a person having an irregular credit history.

There are some lenders who turn down prospective borrowers even if they have changed their address on numerous occasions. These and many other reasons have seen the rise of sub prime lenders. They cater to the requirements of people with a poor credit history and give bad credit mortgages. As the name suggests, they are lenders who lend money to borrowers who have been turned down by mainstream lenders. As there is a demand for bad credit mortgages, many mainstream lenders have authorized affiliates who offer bad credit mortgages. It is advisable that they are at best avoided as you increase the amount of risks that you are taking.

But in the end you must understand that lending money is risky business. Mainstream banks charge very high interest rates, if they offer a bad credit mortgage. Most of the lending organizations are very strict about lending money to high-risk category borrowers. They do want to minimize the associated risk and hence they adjust the rates accordingly. You must take due cognizance of the associated risks but not forget the positives of bad credit mortgages. At the end of the day, you get a house that you can call your own. And after you have made regular payments and finally repaid the whole loan, your credit history will see a tilt towards the better. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of remortgage, under the aegis of which you can change your lender. From the mean streets, you can jump to the high street.

When you take bad credit mortgage, your final aim must be to make an upward climb from adverse credit history to a positive credit history. From, no property, to ownership of property!