September 22, 2023


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Postfolk: Bath Towels Inspired by Greek Fables

Postfolk Bath Towels Inspired by Greek Fables portrait 3

Perusing structure from the Greek isles for our challenge this week, we stumbled on Postfolk, makers of towels for the bath (and beach) that are digitally printed with motifs from Greek folklore and fables: historical stories rendered in modern form.

Get a look at a several we’re intrigued by.

Earlier mentioned: Postfolk’s towels are produced in Greece from refined cotton yarns “with diverse coloured hand-stitched ending for an excess observe of luxury” and “digitally silk screened printed with hypoallergenic water-based mostly inks” with no risk of fading. Demonstrated is the the For Your Eyes Only towel, aspect of the Talisman collection €125.
the atlas towel (€\1\25) is part of the totems on the beach collection,  10
Higher than: The Atlas towel (€125) is section of the Totems on the Seashore assortment, which attracts on “Greek folklore archetypal symbols uncovered in ornamental tapestries these as the regular Karpathian style, Stylomantila.” This unique seashore towel “brings Luck, Joy, Abundance, Symmetry and Harmony and supports you in all functions of relaxation, procrastination, and flirtation.”
the after sun towel from the talisman collection is €\1\25.
Above: The After Sunshine towel from the Talisman selection is €125. “The Talisman beach/tub towels are influenced by the blessed eye handicraft identified in the Ionian Greek Islands at the end of the 18th century,” in accordance to Postfolk. The symbol “provides safety from all evil forces, bringing Luck, Prosperity, Happiness, Superior Wellness, and Fortune.”
the chūrippu one sided love towel (€\1\25) features yellow tulips; 12
Over: The Chūrippu One particular-Sided Enjoy towel (€125) options yellow tulips it is part of a collection “full of hues and solution meanings” referred to as Give Me Flowers, which brings together Greek people bouquets with hanakotoba, the Japanese tradition of the language of flowers.
another from the totems on the beach collection: the coco beach towel (€ 13
Earlier mentioned: An additional from the Totems on the Seashore collection: the Coco beach front towel (€125).
Above: Postfolk’s Suite collection employs the symbol of the peacock. According to the makers: “Peacocks can be utilised as a talisman to safeguard a door, a home, a mattress, or even as element of a larger tapestry. The most unique attribute of peacocks is that they can completely transform ‘negative energy into mild.’ We use them for newlyweds to carry Immortality, Rebirth, Duality, Royalty, Awakening, Defense, and Togetherness.” This is the I’ve Crossed Oceans of Time to Uncover You towel, a beautiful marriage ceremony present €125.
and the under your spell towel from the same collection (€\1\25). 15
Earlier mentioned: And the Underneath Your Spell towel from the identical collection (€125).
the aegean morning towel from the totems in the bath collection (€\1\25). 16
Over: The Aegean Early morning towel from the Totems in the Bath collection (€125).
and one of postfolk
Higher than: And 1 of Postfolk’s yoga towels, the Connect towel (€75).

The business also makes artwork prints and has collaborated with manufacturers from Nike to Greek beer business Mamos to the Benaki Museum Pavilion in Athens. Head listed here for additional.

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