April 13, 2024


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Is buying luxury villas in Goa with best interior design a good option?

We all have dreamt of Goa once as a peaceful holiday destination. Lovely beaches, beer in hand, ears mused in the sweet sound of the sea, and eyes mesmerized by the horizon – who would not love it? And this is the reason that many people dream a bit further of buying a luxury villa from a great building architect in Goa. Well, you indeed will be able to get many quality luxury villas from some great interior designers like https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-interior-designers-in-india/ . But, should you really be buying luxury villas in Goa? Is it really a good choice?

The quality of a luxury villa depends on the quality of its building architect, its interior designer, and its location.

Should you buy luxury villas in Goa?

The question is not as simple as it looks. We are not talking about buying a scooter, that, if chosen wrongly, doesn’t hurt much; we are talking about luxury villas. The question is of spending a huge amount of money and hope indeed. So, we will first talk about the choice of buying luxury villas. Should you really buy luxury villas and homes?

The purpose of human life might be to know the meaning of life, but its function is to keep looking for comfort. Humans have a tendency to stay on a constant hunt for more and more comfort. This is the reason that people often go for costly watches, high-end cars, luxury pools, and luxury villas. Luxury is something that makes us feel safe and secure in the lap of lovely clouds. But, finding the right luxury villa is art plus science plus rationality. It is not an easy task to buy the right luxury villa or home and then stay relaxed for the rest of the life. Some villas, if wrongly chosen, leave us with more stress.

When choosing luxury villas, one thing that people must consider beforehand is their location. Goa, in the case of luxury villas, comes with its own set of pros and cons. Thus, one must consider all these possibilities while choosing a luxury villa in Goa.

Things to consider before buying luxury villas in Goa!

When people talk of Goa, they talk of love and peace and relaxation. Goa has a sweet gravity of its own that many places in India do not have. But, the thing is people come here for vacations. And the thing about vacations is that they usually end within a week. Living for a week is different and living for your whole life is different. When you think of buying a luxury villa from an expert building architect in Goa, you plan for a long term settlement. Thus, it becomes necessary to consider lots of things before you choose Goa for your sweet settlement.

Electricity Facility!

Gone are the days when electricity used to be a dream for many. We used to wait for the electricity to arrive so we could watch our favorite TV shows and get our other pending activities. Now, when we talk about Goa in terms of electricity, we talk about goodness. Goa now sees almost 24 hours of electricity throughout the place. Furthermore, when we talk of luxury homes and villas, we talk of the backup system too. So, you need not worry about electricity. But what if you want to talk to your loved ones over the phone? Will cellular networks support you?

Networks and Connectivity!

Everything comes with a cost. We reach Goa because we crave peace and a touch of nature. Goa is green and clean and serene. It is dense with centuries-old trees and structures. To preserve this there are fewer network towers in the state. Thus, you might suffer from some connectivity issues at certain places. While at outdoor you’ll rarely face any problem in talking to someone, inside the house there might be issues. Furthermore, there are places where you might face issues in surfing through 4G using SIM. But this issue has an easy solution – buy local broadband services.

If you care too much about networks, which we can understand, ask your luxury building architect and real estate consultant to suggest you places with good connectivity. Visit the place and see for yourself.


If you compare the decade-old Goa with the modern Goa, you’ll be able to experience the sheer grandeur of its roads. Roads in Goa are clean and strong and beautiful. You’ll find roads with an array of trees on both sides spilling soothing shadows while you drive. Because it is a tourist location, you should not really care about the quality of roads. People come to Goa and go for long road trips for the sake of cherishing the smoothness below and peace around.

Groceries and markets!

Luxury villas usually stay in isolated places, but this does not mean that all luxury villas are the same. It depends on what is your preference. There are main markets in every town and talukas. Furthermore, Goa has a great number of superstores and online delivery services like Amazon works well throughout Goa.

Ask your real estate consultant to give you a visit in the nearby locality and tell you about all the possible scenarios regarding food and grocery.


The price of luxury villas and homes in Goa depends on what location you go for. If you want your gem to be near the beaches, then expect a quotation in the higher end, most possibly in crores. Luxury villas near the beaches are usually rated higher and thus you need to consult your luxury villa agent for this. Furthermore, the quality of interior designing will change the price. If it is from some expert like https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-interior-designers-in-india/ , the price will be slightly higher. Look for the most famous luxury villa building architect in Goa and get consulted for the price.

If you want your villa to be a little far from the beach in the local colonies, you’ll get quoted a lower price. The good thing about colonies is that the air and noise pollution stays very low as deep as you go in Goa. South Goa is nice and calm and has clean beaches throughout.


Goa does not face harsh climatic conditions like the northern part of India. It usually gets a good amount of rain from June to September and then you see winters coming gradually. Winters of Goa are not chilling and are pleasant to roam around. In the summers Goa sees a peak of 40 degrees Celsius. The humidity remains there in the summers because of the coastal location. Thus, you might feel a bit of the sun’s nip.

Is it good to buy luxury villas in Goa?

After considering all of the above factors, if you think that you will have no issues, then go for it. But take note of one thing – Goa is green, and thus, try to keep it clean and green as much as you can. Plant trees at your home to compensate for the land if you can. It will attract lots of natural birds and you’ll thank your choice in years to come.

If you think that you’ll be compromising on one of these many factors, then try talking to your building architect to look for a solution. Goa is considered as a gift from the heavens and rarely will you find any reason not to be here. If you plan to make your villa from scratch, hire some good building architect and interior designers like https://radvi.com/in/real-estate-services/best-interior-designers-in-india/. It will not only make you feel closer to Mother Nature but also to the comforts of modernity.