November 30, 2023


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Finding Out the Cost of Residential Solar Installation in New Orleans

Solar energy has been widely used in any type of building, whether it’s residential or commercial. Commercial buildings have been utilizing solar energy since they can increase their production by being able to save bills when it comes to operating their equipment or merely running their building system. But how about the cost of residential solar installation in New Orleans? Is it worth it? Residences in New Orleans have been using solar panels to lighten up their homes for the following reasons.

Eco friendly 

Solar energy comes from a natural source therefore it is renewable energy. It won’t produce air pollution when used compared with fossil fuel that is commonly used to run electricity, this kind of source contains high carbon which is a big contributor to air pollution. New Orleans residents have been conscious of their environment that’s why they shift to using solar energy by having the residential solar installation.

Good Investment

Solar Panels cost by system ranges from $8,700 to $29,000 depending on how much solar panel or energy a household needs. The average rate of solar panel cost is $2.90 per Watts and this will depend on the size of the solar panel. This rate will then be multiplied by the wattages you need in your solar panel installation system.

Another good thing about residential solar installation in New Orleans is there will be a 26% tax credit. This tax credit was an energy Policy Act established last 2005 and has been renewed multiple times. If an individual decides to have solar panel installation, she is entitled to have a 26% deduction on her federal tax, since this act is promoting the use of renewable energy. That’s why residential solar installation can be considered an investment because you can actually get a tax deduction.

Lesser Electricity Bills 

You may have already computed the money you need to be able to get a residential solar installation. It may cost you a one-time big-time budget but think of how much you can save as you use this system for years. Having residential solar installation can reduce your bills drastically or even eliminate them. As you use solar energy, you will be able to control your power consumption since you can manage the energy being produced by your solar panel system. You will know how much energy you need to run your household and focus on the needs and avoid exceeding from that bracket.

These are just a few benefits one can enjoy when using a residential solar installation. Getting familiar with what’s needed in residential solar installation can help homeowners set their budget before getting one.


Solar panels are the main material that is used to collect energy from the sun. These are installed on roofs since this is the area where the sun rays strike the most.

Parts of Solar Panel System


This is the device that converts Direct Current(DC) energy to Alternating current energy (AC) which is the usable energy. Inverters are connected to solar panels and are responsible for converting DC to AC.


This is used in mounting your solar panels to your roof. Racking can secure your solar panels, therefore getting quality racking can be a good choice to have a better mounting for your solar panels.


Batteries are used to store energy being charged from the solar panel. Batteries are relevant when it comes to maximizing the use of your solar energy. Once charged in the morning you can utilize the energy saved during the day to be used at night.

Getting to know all the basics of residential solar installation in New Orleans can help homeowners know what to prepare before getting their solar panel system installed. Solar energy can make a home more relaxed knowing that electricity bills will not be skyrocketing every month. What’s more, homeowners can monitor their energy usage since solar panel systems are composed of parts that can monitor the energy coming in and going out of the system. Also when choosing brands and companies, make sure to pick quality products and legit solar panel companies. They can assist you in the setting up, installing, and estimation of the cost of residential solar installation in New Orleans, where your home is.